They have said that sometimes, we don’t choose our path, it chooses us when we least expect it.  In revisiting the course of my past, taking the steps to help change lives started many years ago in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio.

     Raised in a modest home, my parents always stressed to find some way to always help make a difference in all you do in life.  This was taken to the heart as I began the early years working to make a difference in young men’s life in the position as a Group Leader. 

     It’s been said that wisdom can come in the most unlikely places, while working in youth at Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center, is where history began introducing me to my passion of making a difference.  One of the tasks that other Group Leaders found daunting, became a natural love of mind, inspiring the young men to think beyond their current situation.

     With the personal experience in high school and college football, it would stand to reason that amassing over 15 years of coaching at both youth and high school levels, would be an intricate part of the development that created speaking opportunities.

     Whether it is in corporate trainings, and/or in one-on-one conversations, listening and offering insightful methods of rethinking situational events, has been a powerful tool displayed to others.  Focusing on the steps each of us need to take to “GROW FORWARD,” will always be instrumental in embarking on levels we are destined to reach.